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Products & Services

The ECONOTEK is a self-contained, pre-tested, pre-wired, compact heat pump, complete with integral hot-water pumps and electrical power controls, contained within a stainless-steel casing. It is ideal for any situation where hot water (or hot fluid) is required at a consistent temperature of 60⁰C. The ECONOTEK units are pre-manufactured and plugged into any existing system.

The AQUAZEST is the first commercially available system that can provide hot water at the temperature the user requires, while simultaneously producing chilled air conditioning water, without additional energy input or any strain on the refrigeration compressor. The range includes 30kW, 70kW, 80kW, 160kW and 320kW units.

The HYDROPOOL is an air to water solution specifically geared towards pool heating solutions. The available range is from 20kW through to 80kW, providing a user-controlled pool temperature of up to 35⁰C.

Non-corrosive, low-pressure tanks for storing hot water up to 65⁰C.

Hot water systems designed for new buildings or alterations to existing buildings. This includes piping layouts and sizing, as well as plant room plans and layout.

We are available 24/7 for call-outs and maintenance. We do our own servicing on our equipment to give you a complete, end-to-end solution.