Ready to Order Heat Pumps


The Econotek revolutionizes domestic hot water supply efficiency, maintaining a consistent temperature near 60°C. With configurable heating output ranging from 30 to 160 kW, this compact, self-contained heat pump, encased in stainless steel, includes integral hot-water pumps and electrical controls. Tailored for applications demanding a steady 60°C temperature for hot water or fluid, these pre-manufactured units effortlessly integrate into existing systems, ensuring a seamless and efficient solution.


The Hydropool presents an air-to-water solution designed specifically for pool heating applications, with a range from 20kW to 80kW, offering user-controlled pool temperatures up to 35°C. Boasting advanced features such as digital temperature setting and display, a modular design for parallel unit additions, and a titanium pool heat exchanger, the Hydropool ensures trouble-free and sealed operation. With ultra-quiet operation, weatherproof stainless steel construction, and efficient performance, this pool heating solution stands out, providing 80% cost savings compared to conventional methods.


The Aquazest provides not only hot water at user-defined temperatures but also simultaneously produces chilled air conditioning water, all without additional energy input or strain on the refrigeration compressor. With models ranging from 30kW to 320kW, the Aquazest offers three application models catering to various heating and cooling temperature needs.



Non-corrosive, low-pressure tanks for storing hot water up to 65°C.

Insulated for maximum heat retention.

Available sizes: 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20 kL. 


System Design Consultation, Manufacture & Installation


At Tekniheat, we specialise in engineering hot water systems to address your unique challenges. Starting with a thorough understanding of your problems, we begin system design, manufacture and installation. 

Tap into our wealth of experience with proven and reliable solutions.