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Make the necessary transition to future-proof your energy demands by choosing Tekniheat Heat Pumps, a local manufacturer with over 40 years of industry expertise. Harnessing thermal energy from the ambient air, our superior technology promises an up to 80% reduction in energy costs compared to traditional element heaters. While energy costs continue to rise, design smart and secure decades of cost savings.

Services Overview

Order individual products

Air to water heat pumps

– Commercial, domestic use

– Pool

-Simultaneous heating & cooling

Hot water storage tanks

Fully integrated system design & installation

Tailored design, manufacture and installation to meet your specific requirements. 

Our expertise includes accurately predicting hot water demand.




Nationwide Delivery, Installation and Support


What sets us apart is our commitment to ongoing support — we stand by our clients, ready to address any queries or concerns, ensuring your satisfaction long after installation. Choose reliability; choose our comprehensive nationwide services.